The most recent plugin and theme vulnerability report shows some 400+ plugins and 25+ theme vulnerabilities that need attention today.

WordPress Plugin And Theme Vulnerability Report

Vulnerable plugins and themes are the #1 reason WordPress websites get hacked. Our teams work diligently for our customers to ensure a safe environment online to do business.

WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities – Unauthorized AJAX Calls via Freemius


The plugins and themes use an insecure version of the Freemius Framework, which is lacking CSRF and/or authorization in some of its AJAX actions. As a result, any authenticated users, such as subscribers could access the debug logs. Unauthenticated attackers could also make a logged-in admin toggle the debug mode via a CSRF attack.

Proof of Concept

The PoC will be displayed on March 14, 2022, to give users the time to update.

View the growing list of 400+ plugins and 25+ themes with vulnerabilities published on WPScan.

Plugin And Theme Vulnerability Report For WordPress Admins

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