Google won’t index sites that do not work on mobile devices July 5

Starting July 5, Google will only index sites accessible on mobile devices.

If your website is not accessible using a mobile device, then Google will no longer index and rank it.

  • Mobile-first indexing initiative by Google started in 2016 and will be fully implemented after July 5
  • Sites that do not render on mobile devices will not be indexed by Google
  • Google will only crawl and index sites with Googlebot Smartphone after July 5
  • Desktop templates are fine as long as they load on mobile devices
  • Googlebot Desktop still used for product listings and Google for Jobs
  • It is important to ensure that websites are accessible on mobile devices for indexing
  • Use Google Search Console URL Inspection tool to test mobile rendering of websites.

Google will cease indexing websites that are not mobile-friendly after July 5. If a website cannot be accessed using a mobile device, Google will not index or rank it.

Google’s mobile-first indexing initiative began in 2016 and was believed to be completed in October. However, the process will not be fully finalized until after July 5, as stated by John Mueller in a blog post on Google’s website.

Mueller clarified that after July 5, Google will crawl and index sites with only Googlebot Smartphone, emphasizing the importance of mobile accessibility for indexing. Sites that are not accessible on mobile devices will no longer be indexable.

This decision by Google marks a significant shift in indexing criteria, particularly for sites that do not function properly on mobile devices. It is essential for website owners to ensure their sites are mobile-friendly to maintain visibility on Google’s search results.

While Google will still use Googlebot Desktop for specific purposes like product listings and Google for Jobs, the primary focus will be on mobile indexing. This change underscores the importance of mobile compatibility in website design and SEO practices.

Website owners and SEO professionals should prioritize mobile accessibility and utilize tools like the Google Search Console URL Inspection tool to ensure proper rendering on mobile devices. Failure to comply with Google’s mobile indexing criteria may result in decreased visibility and traffic for websites.