Setting filters in Google Search to restrict inappropriate content for children.

Setting up safe search is easy. First open Google Search in your browser. I am using Google Chrome. Type a search query and then go to the settings link.

First step Google safe search.

Next, please notice the drop down menu and select the first option, search settings.

Then, the first option should be Safe Search, if it is not checked please check it now. Next to Safe Search you will notice the option LockSafeSearch.
Locking SafeSearch sets SafeSearch to use strict filtering and restricts the ability of users to change this preference. Strict filtering filters both explicit text and explicit images from your search results. Learn more..

Third step Google safe search settings.

Next, click the option to Lock SafeSearch and strict filtering will be enforced. This will filter out language, images, pornography and other inappropriate content for children.

Lock safe search so it restricts porn and other inappropriate content from your children.

Notice, Safe Search is Active.

Google Safe Search is Active

Now you can feel a little better about your child using Google Search. There is a lot of information out there and much of it should be hidden from children. Younger children are more and more online these days, and it doesn’t take much effort to protect them online from inapropriate content and chat groups that attract sick adults.