Use the tool to quickly generate your favicons, Windows 8 Tiles, Apple Touch icons, Android and iOS icons instantly, safely and most importantly free. Just upload your image then download the image(s) you need or download all of your icons in a ZIP file. Join the other 43920 happy users!

We all know what a favicon is for, but these days we have to take in to consideration around 15 other icons for our branding. We need a thumbnail for desktop/laptop browsers to pick up for bookmarking or recently visited sites. If your thumbnail is missing you get a screenshot of your website. Then we have Android phones, Apple iPhones, Windows phones, iPads and all sorts of other tablets in different screen sizes and resolutions. This web app lets you upload a thumbnail, such as maybe a 500×500 pixel image that you can upload to Iconcogen and the site automatically generates all of the icons you will need and downloads them to your PC in a zipped folder. Furthermore, the site gives you the code snippet you need to put into the head section of your site.